Friday, 7 October 2011

Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment OHSAS 18001:2007

Organizations should make (Establish), implement (implement), and maintain (maintain) the procedures for hazard identification, risk assessment and determining controls necessary continuously (on-going).
This procedure should take into consideration (taking into account):  
  1. Routine activities / non-routine
  2. Activity personnel who have access to the workplace
  3. Human behavior (human behavior), ability, and various other human factors (for other human factors)
  4. Another danger that comes from outside the organization, which may affect the adverse health & safety of    personnel working under the control of the organization
 5. Environmental hazards arising in the organization because of work related activities in the control of the organization
 6. Infrastructure, equipment, materials in the workplace, whether provided by the organization or other party
 7. Changes or proposed changes in the organization, its activities, or material.
 8. Modification of the OH & S management system, including temporary changes and their impact on operations, processes and activities
 9. Requirements of any applicable legislation relating to risk assessment & implementation  of the Necessary controls
 10. The design of workplaces, processes, installations, machinery, operating procedures and work organization, including the ability of adaptation to human capabilities (human capabilities)

Methodology organizations to conduct hazard identification & risk assessment should:
Construed in accordance with the scope, nature and time, to ensure pro-active, not reactive, and
Provide identification, prioritization, and documentation of risks, and application of appropriate controls.

For the Management of Change, an organization must identify hazards and OH & S risks associated with changes in the organization, OH & S management system, or activities, before making any changes.

The organization shall ensure that the results of the assessment (assessment) is considered when determining the control (control).
When determining control, following consideration of the hierarchy:
   1. Elimination
   2. Substitution
   3. Engineering controls
   4. Signage / warnings or Administrative controls
   5. Personal protective equipment (PPE)

The organization shall document and store the results of hazard identification, risk assessment, and control area - are always up-to-date

The organization shall ensure that the risk of OH & S and its control to be considered when establishing, implementing & maintaining OH & S management system it.

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