Sunday, 9 October 2011


Cause of Injury and Illness Due to Work there are five factors :
1. Humans.
2. Methods.
3. Materials.
4. Machine.
5. Work environment.

From these factors it can be subdivided cause Injury and Illness Due to Work are :
1. Direct Cause
Direct Causes of Accidents is a condition that usually can be seen and felt immediately in the form of unsafe acts and unsafe conditions.
2. Basic Causes
Basic Causes consists of two factors:
- Human factors / personal
Lack of physical ability, mental and psychological. Lack of / lack of knowledge and skills, stress, motivation is not enough / wrong
- Factors of work / work environment
Physical factors namely, noise, radiation, lighting, climate. Chemical factor is dust, metal vapor, smoke, gas. Biological factors of bacteria, viruses, parasites, insects. Ergonomic and psychosocial.

According to Henrich factors causing the accidents are caused by factors
- Unsafe acts 80%
- Unsafe condition 20%

According Hastuti and Adiatma factors causing accidents are caused by factors
- Unsafe acts 85%
- Unsafe condition 10%
- Natural Factors (act of god) 5%.

In general, the causes of accidents at work are as follows:
- Fatigue
- The condition of the workplace
- Work that is not safe
- Lack of mastery of workers to employment (lack of training)
- Characteristics of the work itself.
- The speed of work, workload, and duration of a job done. 

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