Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Safety Talk / Meeting

In each will start the execution of the work and shift change, one that is field commander Supervisor or Foreman Engineer or can each area or department shall implement a safety briefing, called talk. Before I present a safety talk first made ​​important points that will be delivered.
Implementation of Safety Talk to note:
   1. Beginning with a brief introduction interesting
   2. Implemented by all the teams beginning of each work shift
   3. Attended by each person who will work in shifts that
4. Topics to be delivered according to field conditions
5. Implementation of work safety talk directly location
6. Convey with words alone
7. Time penyampain brief safety talk should be about 15 minutes
8. Repeating the safety messages and provide a summary at the end of a safety talk
9. Each safety talk is known direcord / signed by all employees safety talk at that time also work and attend the safety talk

Safety Talk is a communication between the supervisor / Foreman / Site Engineer with the workers / employees / crew to deliver the specific things that relate to KKLK (Health Safety Work Environment).

Safety Talks useful to improve the safety knowledge their employees.
For the purpose of :
Ø Provide information on safety; and
Ø Remind employees about regulations and company procedures.

Safety Talk that is done effectively will be very useful in improving
1. Safety,
2. Quality,
3. Production,
4. Cost Control
5. Human Relations

Additionally Safety Talk well done will also be very useful for to suppress and reduce:
1. Number of Accidents,
2. Products that reject
3. Defect and Delay operation
4. Mistake and Waste
5. Human Misery

Download training materials Safety Talk / Meeting >>>> Here


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