Tuesday, 11 October 2011


A System which outlines the organic compounds by using bacterial / microbial decomposers, which are aerobic with a comparison of two controlled in order to always remain. In the process of decomposition of organic compounds by activated sludge is made into contact with sufficient time with supplied oxygen (air). Of this process will oxidize organic compounds or decompose ". To be eligible for the activated sludge process can run, oxygen needed by bacteria to decompose organic compounds must be supplied to the aeration pond, while in the pool of deposition, mud and water must be separated by well, then to keep the content of pond aeration MLSS (sludge concentration) remained then in the mud that settles at the bottom of the pool engendapan sent back to the aeration pond.

Terms & conditions above are summarized as below :
1. BOD load in the mud at the pond aeration operation sought to keep within the limits of appropriate provisions.
2. Supply air (oxygen) sufficiently not to interfere with the decomposition of BOD.
3. Separated in a pool of mud deposition, should be more concentrated than in the mud aeration pond.
4. To control expenses Lumpur BOD (BOD-to-volume ratio of sludge) within appropriate limits, sludge separated in settling ponds continuously flowed back into the pond aeration.
5. Changes in the volume of water and wastewater amendments sought as little as possible.
6. With bacterial cell synthesis and accumulation of inorganic SS MLSS flowing in the aeration pond will increase, so that a constant operating conditions, the sludge should be periodically dumped out.

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