Wednesday, 2 November 2011


- Able to identify and eliminate (control) the risk of unacceptable
- Capable of controlling potential losses due to accidents.

Definition of Safety (Safety)
Thought and effort to ensure the integrity and perfection :
- Labor and human beings in general, both physical and spiritual,
- Work towards the society and culture of fair, prosperous and prosperous;

A science and its application in an effort to prevent accidents, fires, explosions, pollution, disease, etc. (ACCIDENT PREVENTION)

Target Safety (Safety)
- Protecting workers and others in the workplace both in terms of safety and health
- Ensure that each source can be used in the production of safe, healthy and efficient
- Ensure the production process runs smoothly

"Hazard (Hazard)" is the source, situation or action that could potentially lead to :
- Risk of loss / damage of injury or illness in humans,
- Damage to property,
- Damage to the work environment and or a combination thereof.

Type-type of hazard may be : physical, chemical, biological, ergonomic.

"DANGER" is a condition that has been identified through the inspection / testing / analysis concluded has demonstrated beyond safe limits.

"Danger" is the opposite of safe or safe

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