Thursday, 3 November 2011


Definition of Hazardous Toxic Waste in accordance with the rules of Government Regulation 12/1995 is any waste containing hazardous materials and / or toxic because of the nature and / or concentration and / or amount, either directly or indirectly can damage and / or pollute the environment and / or
pollute the environment and / or may endanger health

Toxic Waste Hazardous waste waste that meets one or more characteristics :
    1. Explosive
    2. Flammable
    3. Reactive nature
    4. Toxic (by TCLP test)
    5. Cause infection
    6. Corrosive

Approach To Waste Toxic Harmful. Principles of Hazardous Toxic Waste management can be stated as follows :
1. Sustainable development (continuous improvement)
2. Polluter pays principle (Polluter must pay all costs resulting from)
3. From cradle to grave principle (Supervision generated until the beginning of discarded stockpiled / Hazardous Toxic Waste)
4. The principle of non-discriminatory (All Toxic Hazardous waste must be treated equally in the processing and handling)
5. The principle of pollution prevention (efforts to minimize the generation of waste)
6. Hazardous Toxic Waste processing and stockpiling of trying to perform as close as possible to its source

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