Friday, 28 October 2011


Hazardous Chemicals are: Chemicals in the form of single or mixed based on chemical properties; physics or toxicology dangerous for labor, installation and environment.

Consists of :
1. Toxic materials
2. Reactive materials
3. Explosive substances
4. Oxidizing materials
5. Flammable liquids
6. Flammable gases

L a b e l
A sheet of paper, plastic and others attached to the packaging and contains information about hazardous chemicals contained therein or, Prints on the packaging that contains information about hazardous chemicals contained therein.

Label format consists of 11 major items that should be given an adequate explanation
1. Name of product
2. Identification of hazards
3. Danger signs and their meanings
4. A description of risks and mitigation
5. Precaution
6. Instruction in terms of exposure or exposure
7. Instructions fire
8. Instructions spills or leaks
9. Charging and storage instructions
10. Reference
11. Name, address and no. tel. Manufacturer or distributor.

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