Thursday, 27 October 2011


Ergonomics is an applied science which is a combination of scientific anatomy, health, psychology and technology that aims to improve working conditions and labor productivity.
By the way: the design of work equipment, workplaces, work methods, work processes, workplace layout, lighting settings, etc.

"Fit the job to the worker - NOT the worker to the job"

"Ergonomics can be interpreted also as a science and its application which seeks to harmonize the work and the environment against people or vice versa with the aim of achieving productivity and efficiency as high through optimum utilization of man-optimal"

Design Objectives Work (Work Design)
1. To obtain the allocation of functions according to the type of work
2. To get a working system that is safe, healthy, convenient and efficient

Characteristics Of Workers
1. Skeletal muscle function and
2. The concept of body biomechanics
3. Working posture

Adjustment of working tools and workplaces with body size. Components :
1. Human
2. Working tools or machinery
3. Work Environment
4. Organization and management

Humans interact with machines through two parts of his body that is
1. Effector groups of the hands, feet and voice
2. Sensory group of senses such as vision, hearing, smell, taste sensors (skin) and the censorship of taste (tongue). Vision and hearing and smell is a sensory group most involved in this interaction process

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