Monday, 31 October 2011


Health services are performed for the prevention, diagnosis, dealing with workplace accidents or occupational diseases and the provision of rehabilitation to workers who have an accident or illness in the workplace.

   One of the occupational safety and health agencies working in the company, as a means of protection of workers against any health problems arising from employment or work environment.

   Means of implementation efforts is comprehensive occupational health (promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative)

The purpose of Occupational Health Services
1. Provide assistance to Labor in conformance with the job
2. Protecting Workers against health problems arising from employment or work environment.
3. Improve health agencies, mental (spiritual) and physical ability of labor
4. Providing treatment and care and rehabilitation of sick Workforce

In order for the function and role of optimal Occupational Health Services :
1. Board shall provide the professional freedom of physicians who run the Occupational Health Services.
2. Doctors and health workers in implementing the Occupational Health Services are free to enter workplaces to investigate, examine and obtain the necessary proofs.

Programs / Activities Occupational Health Services should be comprehensive, covering :
1. Prevention
2. Development
3. Treatment
4. Recovery

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